5 ways the metaverse will change digital marketing and CX

5 ways the metaverse will change digital marketing and CX



The Metaverse is a blend of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, which together creates a digital world in which people can explore, conduct business, and socialise.

The aim of the Metaverse is to change the way we view and use technology. The Metaverse aims to be a hub of social interaction and business, which could affect everyone of a working age depending on how quickly this technology is adopted.

Sceptics don’t see a complete overhaul of business practices happening any time soon, and instead think that the Metaverse could be a tool used in tandem with standard business practices. For example, you might use it for the occasional meeting or for presentations that require interactivity.

Each individual user will have their own avatar and freely walk around a generated world. Exactly what the Metaverse will look like is a mystery, but using what has officially been released, it could entirely depend on where you choose to go.

Some parts of the Metaverse may be designed to look like a busy city centre, while others might look like tropical islands, the countryside, or a fantasy world. Truth be told, each area in the Metaverse will probably look completely different depending on the developers’ ideas.

What we do know is that some companies and wealthy individuals have already purchased plots of “land” and “real estate” within the metaverse, which they will likely be able to customise according to their vision.

This means you might spot recognisable companies with branded structures or advertisements during your stay within this virtual reality, just like the real world.

1. The customer experience (CX) in the metaverse

While VR and AR (as well as the blockchain) are hugely important to the metaverse, don’t overlook the role of AI.

As a marketer, you might already be using AI for:

⦁ Making your website easier and smoother to navigate with the help of chatbots
⦁ Mining your customer data for suggestions on the right campaign to send, the offer or content a customer will find most enticing, frequency of emails, and other ways to become more personalized and relevant
⦁ Driving more efficiency and speed

In short, AI helps you create more seamless, comfortable, and engaging experiences. It will do the same in the metaverse with:

⦁ Deep learning-based software autonomously driving activities
⦁ Chatbots and natural language processing driving interactions, with AI making words, videos, images, and texts from different languages and cultures understandable to others
⦁ Generating 3D images, animation, speech, and artwork

As a marketer, you’ll definitely need AI and marketing automation software working together to scale, engage, and convert as many leads as possible.


2. Event marketing in the metaverse

Already, you can attend webinars and virtual events without leaving your home or office. The metaverse takes this to a whole other level. You can interact virtually with peers and colleagues at metaverse events.

You can do more than chat and interact on video screens, however.

Into sports? How about a virtual round of golf? What about a walk in a virtual recreation of a city halfway across the world?

You can do almost anything together.

Plus, your customers can sample your products and services virtually like they would in real life. Product demos don’t have to be in person. You can experience one in the metaverse right alongside any subject matter experts who can give you tips on best uses.

3. Social marketing in the metaverse: Facebook and beyond

As mentioned above, Facebook is building the metaverse and renamed itself after it. They’re on board, and Facebook owns Instagram as well. Do you expect the other social media platforms to not jump in?

Already, Snapchat and TikTok have offered AR experiences with different filters. How long until they take the giant leap to both VR and AR?

On social platforms, you might be interacting with avatars from all across the world in wildly creative environments like an underwater city, the moon, or in the sky. You’ll still probably be able to like and share content.

4. Content marketing of the future

In fact, you can make your content stand out in a myriad of ways: fireworks, a loud blare of a horn, or even with the stars above forming words.

Interactive content will matter the most since you’re in an interactive, immersive environment. Gamification will matter since you’ll want to find a way to keep your audiences entertained and engaged.

The same old static content won’t work. Why would an email get anyone excited in the metaverse? What if instead you created a mascot to read your offer off a scroll? A court jester, talking dog, or friendly robot?

Action, diversion, and creativity will rule.

5. SEO and search for metaverse marketing

SEO is constantly changing, but how can you optimize for search in the metaverse? Well, like marketers adapted to Google, YouTube, and Instagram, we will for the metaverse as well.

Visual and voice search could play huge roles, as sight and sound will matter a great deal in an immersive environment. Moreover, you might have to claim a virtual platform, world, or community to make it easy for customers to find you.

Your local listings could have a VR or AR overlay. You could place product reviews in places that metaverse users will easily find.

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