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Ace Signal Trader


Ace Signal Trader is a trend following spread betting system for Forex, Futures and Indexes. The system has shown some fantastic results since 2000 and had its most successful year in 2008 making an incredible 657.3% profit. The website offers a number of different membership packages ranging from a free trial for 14 days, a monthly membership option, a quarterly membership option and a yearly membership option. On average 200 trades are given each year using the system.

The Brief

We were approached by the Ace Signal Trader team with the brief of making them an easy to use website that fitted their specific trading demographic. They had already purchased the domain and consulted a designer for their logo. Their requirements for us was to create a website that met their specific needs, that showed the results of the previous years and also to create a member's area where members could see trades and get access to a trade bet calculator. They also requested a lot of custom software to help them to pick the tips to publish using a special formula and also to create a calculator in the member's area to help members to understand how much to bet on each trade and what to set the stop losses for each trade. They also requested an affiliate script and area for affiliate marketing.

Our Approach

The front end of the website was pretty simple as we had a good brief from the team. The front end took around 2 weeks to complete but the tricky part was making all the custom software for the backend. The team wanted a highly sophisticated piece of software that helped them to pick the trades each day. We had to get our heads around the financial aspect of this but we were successfully able to create them the software that they wanted as well as the custom calculator they wanted for their members to use when placing new trades and changing existing trades.

The Results

The idea was to reduce the workload of the Ace Signal Trader team. Previously it would take them 4-5 hours daily to check for new trades and the software we custom made checks new trades in just 10 minutes daily for them. The new website with the calculator also meant that the new trades are automatically uploaded online too. The whole business now takes them less than 30 minutes daily to run and since the new website went live, they have experienced a large increase in the number of members using their services.


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