How to Keep Your Facebook Profile and Business Page Secure

Do you know if your personal Facebook account and Facebook Business Pages are secure?

It’s more important than ever to manage your Facebook security and make sure only the right people have access to your account.

Securing your company’s Facebook Page starts with making sure your personal profile on Facebook is set up using all of Facebook’s account security tools.

Read on, and follow the steps below to protect your personal account and Business Facebook Page.

How to securely manage your Facebook Business Page

Using Facebook for personal use is tied to using Facebook for business. As a result, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure your company can operate securely on Facebook.

1.    Use Facebook Business Tools

First up on our list of secure Facebook management tips — you’ll want to use Facebook Business Tools.

It’s important to create as much separation as possible between personal and business use on Facebook. The easiest way to do that is to use Facebook Business Manager to create an account dedicated to your business on Facebook.

You can create a Business Manager account and add internal team members via their work emails to manage your Facebook, ad account, and more.

Facebook Business Manager is a helpful tool because you can directly manage and change permissions across all your assets in one place.

When using Business Manager, you’ll want to require all users within the account to turn on two-factor authentication. To turn this feature on:

  1. Go to Business Settings
  2. Then go to Business Info
  3. Scroll to Business Options, and change “No one” to “Everyone”

Turning on two-factor authentication is another layer of security for your company Facebook Page and Facebook ad account to prevent people who should not have access from hacking into accounts and taking over ad accounts and Facebook Pages.

2.    Don’t use fake Facebook profiles

Whether you use Facebook Business Manager or not, you’ll need to use a Facebook account to access your Facebook Page on the platform.

The Facebook account you use to manage the Page for your business should be a profile that authentically represents you. Do not use a profile with a fake name or profile photo.

Facebook will likely find fake profiles, and if they get shut down, you’ll need to reclaim your Page through Facebook support, which can take weeks to months.

Everyone managing the Facebook Page for your Business should use their personal accounts directly or through the Business Manager Tool.

3.    Add at least two admins to your Facebook Page or Business Manager

Whether you’re using Facebook Business Manager or adding admins directly to your Facebook Page, you should always have at least two admins on your account.

Adding two admins is important because if one team member leaves the company or experiences issues with access to their personal Facebook account, another admin is there to maintain access to post, respond to questions, and manage ads.

4.    Review Facebook Page admins

It’s important to keep a pulse on who has access to your Facebook Page and Business Manager account.

Get into a habit of reviewing your Page admins a few times a year and removing anyone who no longer needs access to manage your Page, such as past employees or agencies you no longer work with.

To find existing admins for your Business Page, you can go to Settings.

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From there, find Existing Page Roles in the left column, and you can scroll to see any admins for the Page. If you need to remove and admin, you can select Edit and choose to remove them.

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How to secure your personal Facebook account

Want to take all the steps to make sure your personal account is secure? Check out these five tips.

1.    Use two-factor authentication

The number one thing you can do to keep your personal Facebook account secure is to set up two-factor authentication for Facebook.

Two-factor authentication settings can be found under Settings & Privacy from your personal account. Under Security and Login, you’ll see the option to turn on two-factor authentication.

This feature will require a second method of authentication so that each time a login attempt happens, you’ll know and can enter the code, or you will detect a login attempt from someone else.

2.    Create a secure password

If you’re still using the same Facebook password you created when you made your profile, it’s time for a refresh. Update your password to something that is unique from the other passwords you use for online accounts.

3.    Review Your Facebook logins

Under the settings where you turn on two-factor authentication, you can also see where you’re currently logged into Facebook.

You’ll likely see logins from your laptop, phone, and possibly work computer. If any logins appear suspicious, you can log out of those devices and update your password immediately.

any admins for the Page. If you need to remove and admin, you can select Edit and choose to remove them.

4.    Set up trusted contacts

Under the Security and Login settings on Facebook, you also set up Trusted Contacts. Trusted contacts are friends on Facebook that can help you if you get locked out of your personal Facebook account.

You can choose three to five friends or family members under these settings, and they’ll be able to share a code and URL from Facebook to help you get logged back into your account.

5.    Be aware of scam emails

Beware of spam emails that appear to be from Facebook about your profile. These emails may even appear to be a notification about your account security.

Always check the senders of emails that appear to be from Facebook before clicking any links in the emails.

What do I do if my Facebook is hacked?

If you don’t have proper security set up for your Facebook profile and Business Pages, your accounts may be vulnerable.

If you receive any emails that your email or password has been changed, and you’ve verified the sender of the email is legitimately Facebook, you should follow the prompts in that email to revert those changes and update your password immediately.

If you haven’t already set up two-factor authentication, now would be a perfect time to do so.

If you’re suddenly locked out of your Facebook account at any time, and you’ve set up the Trusted Contacts feature mentioned above, you can reach out to them to try and get back into your account.

If that process doesn’t prove successful, you can report that you believe your account has been hacked and review more information from Facebook’s Help Center.

Learn more about securely managing your social accounts

By following these steps to secure both your personal Facebook account and the Facebook Page for your business, you’ll have more control over logins and access to your Business assets on Facebook.

Avoid the potential headache of reclaiming your profile or Page and get started with these steps today.

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