Focusing on the online environment is no doubt the primary requirement to promote any business today. Ours is a highly digitalized world that calls for a structured, disciplined marketing strategy. And search engine optimization (SEO) is imperative for driving traffic to any website that subsequently leads to enhanced leads and sales. Here’s where it becomes crucial to understand the rights and wrongs of the SEO process.

Identifying the common SEO mistakes and avoiding them is of paramount importance for any modern business.

Most Common SEO Mistakes

The Most Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1. Failing to optimize for the right keywords
One of the most common traps we fall into is using generic keywords that draw visitors who are not interested in your offering, or optimizing for global keywords when the service is being offered to local customers. Focusing on nonstrategic keywords never pays.

Unlike previously, the practise of optimizing web pages with specific keywords doesn’t work. With the search engines getting increasingly better at understanding the search intent, it will not be sufficient if you optimize your pages for just any, one specific keyword. You must rather optimize for keywords that include a range of related and relevant search terms, to be successful.

2. Not focusing on site speed
Slow-loading pages are a big no-no. Among the myriad websites in the ocean of the World Wide Web, it is the fast-loading sites that gain the favour of not only users but also search engines. Failing to optimize the site for speed is another major deterrent that precludes the necessary user experience.

By optimizing the images in the site, leveraging browser caching, and minimizing JavaScript, you may improve site speed. Users, on average, allow just a couple of seconds of page load time, beyond which they tend to get frustrated and move away. Site speed is one of the ranking factors used by Google. The faster the site loading time, the better it will be favoured by Google.

3. Overlooking Meta descriptions and page titles
So many websites have their company name as the title for all the pages. It is a bad mistake. It is essential to provide a unique title to every page on the website. Adding Meta descriptions and fixing the right page titles is very important to SEO.

Meta descriptions play a significant role in the sales pitch for a web page within search results.

4. Ignoring local SEO
Not having local SEO will cost dearly for businesses that have a main focus on the customers related to a specific region or city. Businesses that deal with physical location-based services and products must have local SEO. Failure to take advantage of local search is a common SEO mistake that must be avoided.

Include location-specific keywords in the Meta descriptions and page titles. You need to include the address and phone number on your web pages so that you will promptly show up in local search results.

5. Disregarding analytics to understand conversion
Failing to make prudent use of data for measuring the practical impact of marketing efforts is one of the common SEO mistakes made by many. You may be using the proper phrases and keywords that drive traffic to your website. Even then, if you don’t use an analytics package for effectively tracking the keywords and phrases that lead to conversions, it will lead to uncertainty.

Have the right metrics in place so that you are well informed about the result of your SEO and content strategy. Leverage tools such as Google Search Console for gaining a better understanding of the requirement of searchers.

6. Not making full use of unique content
People tend to use reused or rephrased content that they feel would be great for their site. While the content that you come across somewhere might be well optimized, it will not impress your site visitors. It is a common SEO mistake that needs to be avoided.

Genuine, original content that proves to be relevant and useful to the users is key in enticing site visitors while fulfilling the standards of the search engine. Personalized content rolled out in a different way will attract users and enhance your chances of getting a good ranking on the search engines.

7. Forgetting to run regular website audits
Reviewing a website’s performance through an audit from the clients’ perspective as well as that of the search engine is crucial. Checking whether the site navigation is easy and comfortable, whether the site contains relevant information, and the speed at which its mobile version launches – these aspects, along with other such factors is crucial.

Not performing a careful examination of the site’s overall performance through regular website audits is a big, common SEO mistake that might cost dearly. Audits look at the loading speed, checkout process, quality of content, and reveal ways to improve the site.

8. Not including helpful and relevant external links
External links are a great way to provide site visitors with content relevant to their requirements. They help users to consume relevant content, thus increasing your website’s credibility. Moreover, quality external sources will signal credibility to search engines as well.

It is a sound SEO strategy to ensure that all the external links are opening in new windows. This allows your users to venture to the other sites while at the same time offering them the chance to get back to your site and stay engaged if they so prefer.

9. Neglecting mobile optimization
It is the mobile era wherein people tend to use their mobiles more than the other conventional digital devices. Google requires mobile optimization as a priority for ranking, neglecting which is a common SEO mistake. This must be avoided.

It is essential to ensure that the website, along with its content, is responsive and mobile-friendly. Your content has to be created while keeping in mind your mobile device users.

The digital world is filled with its share of unlimited websites. The sites that are capable of loading quickly, offering a great user experience, having call-to-action, and are optimized for the right keywords stand the test of time.

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