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Using backlinks can be a challenge for the average business person since they lack the skills. Below are some of the things that they need to know in order to use backlinks efficiently:

Understand the aspects of Digital Marketing
Some basic knowledge of Programming
Good Writers
This article is going to run you through the key areas of link building, for the average small business.
Understanding the Value of Link Building

Link building and Google rankings go hand in hand, being that links are what bring traffic to the website, and backlinks help Google to determine if other people are seeing value in your content. This means that backlinks are recognized in the Google algorithms that determine how your content ranks. This goes on to show how link building is effective in bringing traffic to your business.

Page Authority
Page Authority predicts how well your website ranks in search engines. Take for instance that you own a sports website that links to a national source of sports news, chances are that your site will perform much better than a blogger that is still struggling to get exposure. Despite the fact that Google no longer uses PageRank, it still plays a major role in their algorithm. You can still check the page ranking by using Ahrefs, whereby you insert the URL and search. Some High ‘PageRating’ sites include:

General Niche –,,
Business Niche –,,
Blogging Niche –,,
Education Niche –,,
Health & Fitness Niche –,,
Marketing Niche –,,
Real Estate Niche –,,
Technology Niche –,,
Women’s & Fashion Niche –,,
Misc Niche –,,


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