5 Hot Tips for Awesome Website Content

Hot Tip #1 – Be Relevant
There’s a person Googling for rainbow striped toe socks in Melbourne right now, or maybe they’re looking for cupcake catering for events in Brunswick, or searching for exactly what your business does. Your job is to be relevant to the searches that your clients or customers are going to be making in Google. So when your new potential customer lands on your site, they’ll find relevant and valuable information on your area of expertise. Relevant and valuable are both sticky qualities you should aim for with your content.

Hot Tip #2 – Keep Your Content Concise
Get to the point quickly and stay on topic. That’s pretty much it. See? Concise.

Hot Tip #3 – Mind Your Grammar and Spelling
Nothing spells unprofessional more quickly than a grammatical or spelling error in your content. You might think it doesn’t matter that much, but it does matter. The Writing Gods are offended, and they will direct customers away from your site as a punishment. We mean it. But in all seriousness, it actually takes away from your authority when you have simple errors in your content, so ensure that you edit and proofread everything thoroughly. Be especially careful if you claim great attention to detail as a selling point of your service. We don’t need to explain the irony there.

Hot Tip #4 – Write for Humans not Bots
One of the keys to amazing content is to remember that you’re not just writing for Google or other website crawling SEO bots, you’re writing for living, breathing, buying human customers. So the content needs to be easy to read. Space it out with headings and white areas without words on your web page so the eye has room to breathe. Use bullet points that are simple to scan, as your website readers don’t have a lot of time – they want the information instantly! Make your content scannable so they can find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Hot Tip #5 – Use Images
Sometimes an image or two can really help to break up slabs of text and create an attention-grabbing item on the page. Try to use images that are original and unique to your company. You could insert stock images, although this has been an overused tactic on the internet of late. Pictures of your actual company and employees will give a better flavour of your individual business identity and branding. Why not hire a photographer for a day and get some decent original shots to use in your content?

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